Thai Kitchen by Yada

     Thailicious Take-Out food Prepared by an Authentic Thai Chef

 Thai Kitchen By Yada is focused on 

providing  delicious take-out meals, 

prepared by an Authentic Thai Chef.               Only pick up order

$15 minimun credit card purchase.                        

                                                                 Last Call 8:30pm

                                                                                                                                                                  MANY THANKS!


VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLS(4)                         $ 5    Sautéed carrots, cabbage wrapped in  spring 

rolls pastry. Smooth, Light, Crisp-Crackly

SHRIMP FRITTERS(5)                                              7   

Deep-fry shrimps, wrapped in spring rolls pastry.

CHICKEN SATAY(4)                                                  7

Pan-Fried marinated chicken on stick served 

with peanut sauce and cucumber dip.

VEGETARIAN CURRY PUFFS(4)                             7 

Potato, onion, curry powder and white pepper 

wrapped in puff pastry served with cucumber dip.

STEAMED DUMPLING(4)                                         5

Chicken homemade dumplings wrapped in wonton pastry & dip.

FRIED TOFU                                                            $5

Deep-fry bean curd served with sweet sauce.

FRIED CALAMARI                                                   $7

Deep-fry Squid lightly breaded, served with 

sweet dipping sauce.

CRISPY THAI BEEF                                                  7

Deep-fry  marinated beef served with Thai hot chilli dipping sauce.

COCONUT SHRIMP(5)                                             7 

Deep-fry shrimp,"breaded" in shredded dried  

coconut served with sweet-spicy sauce.

TOD MUN                                                                  5

Deep-fry Thai fish cake with sweet sauce.

CHICKEN WINGS (6)                                               5

Classic  Wings , deep fried , unbreaded


includes Thai Jasmine rice

Shrimps or Beef  $12

Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetarian $10

RED CURRY                                

Choice of meat with Eggplant,String Beans, 

Bell Peppers in Thai Red Curry and coconut milk.

GREEN CURRY                            

Choice of meat with Bamboo shoot, Eggplant, Bell Peppers in Thai Green Curry and Coconut Milk

MASAMAN CURRY                        

Choice of meat with Onion and Potato,  in 

thai masaman curry and coconut milk.

PANANG CURRY                            

Choice of meat, String Beans, Carrots in  a tangy  Thai panang curry. 

Curry dish can not made without spiciness.


Shrimps or Beef  $12

Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetarian $10

PAD THAI                                  

Sautéed rice noodle with choice of meat, bean

sprout, egg and scallion topped with peanuts

PAD KEE MAO                             

Sautéed flat noodle with choice of meat with chili, 

onion, bell pepper and basil

PAD CEE EW                                

Sautéed flat noodle with , egg in 

sweet soy sauce and Chinese broccoli



With Shrimps or Beef $12

With Chicken, Pork, Veggies or Tofu      $10

PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE                 

Fried Rice with Onion, Egg, Vegetable and Pineapple.

THAI BASIL FRIED RICE                 

Fried Rice with choice of meat with Onion, Bell Peppers, Chili and Thai Basil Leaves.

FRIED RICE                                  

Fried Rice with Choice of meat with Eggs, Onions, Carrots, Scallions.

SOUPS   ( 16 oz.)   

TOM YUM                         Chicken $5 or Shrimp $6

Classic Thai soup with mushroom, lime juice, onion,lemongrass, scallions and chili.

TOM KHA CHICKEN                                                6

Thai coconut milk soup onio mushrooms, 

scallions in lemongrass broth.

TOFU SOUP                                                              5

Tofu with mixed vegetable & scallion 

WONTON SOUP                                                        5

Homemade Dumplings in a delicious taste 

of the far East with chicken broth garnished 

with fresh scallions.



 DUCK SALAD                                                        $12

Crispy duck, chili, apple, bell peppers,

lettuce and lime juice topped with  

cashew nuts and pineapple.

SPICY BEEF SALAD                                              $12

 Pan-Fried beef, chili,red onions,

cucumber, bell peppers,lettuce,tomato, 

lime juice and thai herb.



includes Thai Jasmine rice

Shrimps or Beef  $12

Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetarian $10    

PAD HED NOR MAI                       

Sautéed choice of meat with mushroom, onion, scallion, bamboo shoot and special sauce

PAD KA NA                                   

Sautéed choice of meat with Chinese broccoli

PAD PAK                                       

Sautéed choice of meat with mixed vegetables

PAD GINGER                                  

Sautéed choice of meat with mushroom, 

peppers, onion, ginger, garlic and brown sauce

PAD GARLIC                                   

Sautéed choice of meat with carrots and 

garlic sauce.

PAD KRA PROW                              

Sautéed choice of meat with hot chili and basil leaves,  string beans, peppers and onion

GAI MA MUANG                              

Crispy fried chicken with cashew nuts, onion, scallion, peppers and special Thai sauce

PAD PRIK KING                                

Sautéed choice of meat with string beans, 

bell peppers in a curry sauce.

CHICKEN TERIYAKI                          

Chicken with Steam broccoli and carrot

in a teriyaki sauce

Yada's Specials

includes Thai Jasmine rice

♥CRISPY CHICKEN CURRY                 $12

Crispy sliced chicken breast  With Red Curry Topped With Crunchy Thai Basil Leaves.

♥CRISPY DUCK  ( boneless)                   16

Crispy Duck with choice of Thai Basil Sauce, Garlic Gauce, Red Curry or Pineapple Sauce.

♥DEEP FRIED TILAPIA ( boneless fillet )   12

With choice of Chili Basil Sauce, Ginger Sauce, Red Curry.

♥TILAPIA KRA PROW  ( boneless fillet )   12

Crispy-fried Tilapia with , string beans  

and basil leaves with hot sauce.


♥  PAD WOON SEN                                12

 Sauteed Glass Noodles with choice of meat, 

  scallions, eggs,onions, napa


  • soda                   $1.00
  • botlle of water     $1.00
  • thai iced tea        $2.50
  • Jasmine rice        $1.00